Opuntia Ficus Indica (Fico D'India) up to 3 ft in Height

Opuntia Ficus Indica (Fico D'India) up to 3 ft in height This plant is very well known mainly for it's fruit, figs D'India, the Opuntia ficus indica is a shrubby plant may become treelike, developing a highly branched and woody trunk, reaching 4-5 meters in height. Large pads that can be up to 1 ft long, are ovate-oblong, fleshy and quite thick. It produces yellow flowers and Pear-shaped juicy fruits depending on the variety from yellow to red. The plant requires hot sun, sandy soil or stony and well drained conditions are ideal for growing Opuntia ficus indica. Outdoor plant, can not stand temperatures below zero. Our plants will produce very large Blood red fruits. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY, PLEASE RESERVE YOUR PURCHASE NOW, FOR EARLY WINTER/SPRING DELIVERY 2016
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