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Alma Green Fig Tree

Alma Green Fig Tree Our Trees are 1-2 ft in Height Alma’s fruit is light yellowish green, with the inside of white fruit with a light red center. Good drying variety with a good sugar content and excellent flavor. With a small eye, moderately closed with a drop of resin to block the eye from spoiling rain and insects. This fig tree is one of our most cold hardy, surviving 6F. Fruit ripens mid-July `til frost. Zones 7-10. The tree produces a large crop medium to large pear shaped to rounded green fruit that ripens to yellow or bronze. This tree bears fruit at a young age, excellent fresh, dried, or preserved. These highly productive trees are smaller than average with a compact habit and with good vigor. All summer and late season ripening. Good for pots and cold resistant. LIMITED SUPPLY, PLEASE RESERVE YOUR PURCHASE NOW, FOR EARLY WINTER/SPRING DELIVERY 2016
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